Sarah's Ideas


Inspire learning and create new connections

  • Increase the library's role to connect the community and foster dialogue, ensuring that non-profits and community organizations which strengthen our village have access to complimentary meeting rooms and media channels
  • Expand tutoring resources and the creation of a youth corps that can be deployed in the village to actively improve the achievement gap that  persists across Oak Park Elementary and Middle schools
  • Create a young adult library and "maker space" that is envisioned and designed by our youth corp, built with their needs and goals in mind and staffed by mentors as well as librarians
  • Foster collaborative programming with social service agencies, workforce development partners and OP businesses to ensure we are providing residents with tools to improve their skills and access to opportunity
  • Support the library staff with wages and benefits that help us to continue to recruit and retain talent to support our diverse collections and motivate the best services available to our residents and neighboring communities